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 Our vision is to empower individuals with practical IT skills, enabling them to excel in the dynamic and competitive IT industry.


        Our mission is to provide hands-on, practical training that equips our students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to succeed in real-world IT environments.

About us

         Revival IT Vocational Training Center (RIT-VTC) is a vocational training center authorized by the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training. We are dedicated to transforming individuals into skilled IT professionals through practical training. With a strong focus on hands-on learning, we believe in the power of practical experience to build competence and confidence in the IT domain. Our training programs are designed to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. We offer a range of industry-relevant courses that cover various IT domains, including programming, networking, cybersecurity, database management, and more. Our curriculum is continuously updated to align with the latest industry trends, ensuring our students gain up-to-date and marketable skills. Join us at Revival IT Vocational Training Center and embark on a transformative journey towards a successful IT career.

Our staff

           We take pride in our team of experienced instructors, who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise from their respective fields. They are dedicated to delivering high-quality instruction, providing mentorship, and guiding students throughout their learning journey.

Our I.T lap

          To facilitate effective learning, we maintain modern and well-equipped training facilities that simulate real-world IT environments. Our labs are equipped with the latest hardware and software, enabling students to gain hands-on experience and develop practical skills that are directly applicable to their future careers.


        At Revival I.T Vocational Training Center, we understand that success extends beyond training. Therefore, we offer comprehensive career placement assistance to help our students transition into the workforce seamlessly. Our dedicated career services team provides guidance, job readiness training, interview preparation, and connects students to our extensive network of industry partners.


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